Thursday, December 17, 2009

Norfolk Pine.... Your so so fine.

You know what is funny about you Norfolk Pine, aside from your Latin Name, Araucaria Hetrophylla...? What is funny, is that people seem to only pay attention to you when its near Christmas. They often refer to you as ...."you know, that Charlie Brown Christmas Tree" I Hate That! I see you as more than that, I see you as more than just a seasonal thing, your the world to me. I love you, and I would love you all year long. Yeah, maybe after some years go by, I might ask you if you would like to be lit up with Xmas Tree lights, and if you said no, that would be cool. I would still adore you. The lanky way you are is just adorable to me, and your so tough. Your so Evergreen tough, but your kinda tender as well. I would keep you in a high humidity kind of mind for sure, I would have no problem misting you occasionally. Every four or five days, I would give you a nice cool drink of water. Your just so pretty, I would... if its cool with you, keep you in a nice well lit area, maybe a nice Eastern or Western window, and if you wanted to stay in a Southern window, I would just make sure you don't dry out too fast, I love you, and will for sure enjoy watching you grow over the years.... We can grow together. You have such a wonderful stance, I could look at you all day. Ok, I have to tell you the truth Norfolk Pine, I do look at you all day, I stare at you when your not looking. I just can't get enough. I know you told me that you were not so interested in me..... but I think after this 16th letter to you, that you might change your mind. We can do this, we can make it work. The restraining order doesn't kick into effect until next week. Want to get a coffee, or maybe see a movie?

Monday, December 14, 2009

Saturday, December 12, 2009

One of a Kind Bird Houses made from.......

This is what re-use is about. These are made by Neatherlandart, he's good. A little birdie told me.

Want something One of a Kind? $40 gets you there.

Catie's World!

Polish Made Glass Dish with Green Sand, Pool Moss, a couple Well Placed Tillandsia... and a Classic Toy Train Person. Lovely! What goes on in Catie's World?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Look what has landed at Sprout Home Chicago

Guess What..

Holiday Time is here. Our amazing Christmas Trees have arrived, Balsams and Frasers! We have been getting our trees from the same two farms for the last 6 years for a reason..... THEY ROCK! Tall, Fat, Short, Skinny, Mega, Perfect, Natural, Charlie Brown, whatever words you use to describe the tree your looking for, were gonna have it. 4' up to 16', Our trees start at $28.00. We delivery to a limited delivery area, and are very versed in tying a trees on top of your auto. We also carry the very best Xmas tree stands that you can find, no doubts with these sturdy long lasting stands. Wreaths and Garland. Branches that range from Pine, fraser, balsam, eucalyptus, dogwood (red and yellow), Ming Pine, Willow Fantail, Feather Eucalyptus, Podded Acorn Eucalyptus, Integrafolia, China Berry, Red Huckleberry, and Magnolia Tips. We also have an ample amount of Poinsettia availible in 4" and 6" pots. Classic Red, Pink, White, Jingle Bells (these are a round leafed crinkled leaf, very cool), And a very pretty Red and White Speckled variety. We also have very cute little Norfolk Pines, and easy evergreen that can be the start of your living baby Holiday Tree.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I love to watch you grow, let's let our love grow?

Narcissus alone, and Narcissus out on the town at a big Paperwhite Rave, circa 1992

Your so cute! I mean it, I know your potential and I'm willing to put in the work for you. I'd do anything to see you, and even more to smell you.... Yeah, I know... your worried about that smelling remark, but it't true, I love the way you smell. I have to be honest, your name does leave a bit to be desired. Narcissus? Gross.... How can I love you with that name? Oh, I know... i'll just call you PaperWhite. The people who introduced us at that party told me something about you being "timed out" to flower in these next few months. Ted told me that if I ended up hitting it off with you, that I had the choice to either plant you and put you in bright light, or that I could keep you in the dark for a bit longer to hold off your flowering.... I punched Ted right in the face, like I would keep you from doing your thing, it's 2009 for geez sakes, I"m no cave man. I love the way you go from a little bulb to a pretty fragrant flower bunch, and you get so tall, I mean 16" wowie wow wow. I just don' t know where to keep you, in a dish without drainage, with pebbles? Or in a planter with dirt? Who knows, we can cross that bridge when the time comes. I just can't believe that I can take you home for $1.10. Your a 16 bulb, almost a 17 bulb. People might get the wrong idea about that, but we know the 16 and 17 are a bulb sizing thing. Let them think what they want, nothing can stop our love. Even if my friends say you smell like a grandmothers house. Grandmothers rule.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Pencil Tree Plant, we have to be together.

I don't care that they say your leafless, I don' t care that they say you need to be in bright light, I can water you less during the winter months... they said that also. I can deal with all of these things baby, it's easy. I just have to think of us together, happy and growing together, and it becomes second nature. It's not like your demanding and difficult, your so not. Your very easy to deal with. Some people think your too skinny, and get freaked out by the slightly caustic sap that drips out when you have been cut. I tell them to stop hating on the thin ones, and to just be careful and not cut you (I mean, why should they be cutting you anyway?)
I have seen you when you were just a small stick figure of a plant, and I fell for you then. I have even seen you when you were like 3' tall, and had a fuller figure, I loved that too baby, all of your looks look good to me. I love the fact that your from Africa and India, though i'm still trying to figure out how you could be from both. One of my friends told me that your not suppose to be good for children and pets, look! Children and pets don't matter to me baby, and if we have them around, I'll keep you out of reach from them. They would only break your amazing green skin, and get causic milk sap in their eyes.... I would laugh for a minute, then tend to them, but I would be thinking of our growing love the whole time. And look, I know your Latin name can sound a bit off putting, but come on, Euphorbia Tirucalli has a pretty ring to it. You should go by that, I always found pencil tree plant to be a bit strange.
I live in Zone 5 here in Chicago, and I know your use to living in Zones 8-11, but I would just keep you inside. If we ever move to a warmer climate I would for sure put you outside... If you wanted that. Point is, I saw you at the cafe today, and I have to let you know one way or another, so why not now? I hope you read this and let me know somehow.

Friday, November 6, 2009

what a lovely group. however, they need to leave us...

We have decided that there are a several slighly chipped, slightly "been here too long", and possibly scratched up planters that just need to get the leave Chicago Sprout Home. So why don't you come and take these shady cheracters home? Oh, not so into that idea? Does 50-75% off change things? These planters are indeed 50-75% off.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Varigated Balfour Aralia, Polyscias balfouriana. I like you...

I think it is cute the way you tell people your name is Lia, but I know you. We met a few years back, you told me your name was Polycias Balfouriana. I could never forget a name like that, and well... your leaves were so striking. You have been on my mind every since that rainy day in Berlin. Those were fun times. I saw you at Sprout Home yesterday, and you acted like you didn't remember me, I was hurt for a minute, then I saw that you were sporting a $4.49 tag. and that you were living in a 3" container. I know... you felt cheap. Thats no reason to act that way though. I still think of you as high class, and I know that you can grow to be six feet tall. All you need is bright light, and to have your soil moderately moist. I can do that for you, more importantly, we can do it together. So there, I have let you know how I feel, and maybe later when I stop in, i'll take you home.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Force MC's? No Forced Indoor Bulbs....

Amaryllis, and Narcissus are in the Hizzle. Come bring the brightness of these flowers into your home.

Monday, October 26, 2009

I saw you through the window... Your very pretty.

I was walking down Damen, and I looked into the window at Sprout Home. I don't know why I looked, it was like there was an inner voice in my head telling me "look, it might be the one", so I looked over my shoulder in the most unsly way. And there you were, so beautiful, glistening in the grayness of Chicago's fall. Blue, Violet, Deep Purple, so ablaze with color. I fell for you fast. There is nothing that will keep us apart. Especially since the people at Sprout told me I could take you home for $3.99. I felt a little bad while I watched them slip you into a bag, I wondered if you were afraid. But now that I see you on my brightly lit end table, I know your happy. I have kept you moderately moist, just like they told me to. I hope we can make it forever African Violet, your the tops. Or should I call you Sainpaulia, your cute Latin name. Either way, I'll treat you right. Even if your living in a 4' planter, i'll move you into a bigger home when you tell me you need that. I know you miss your friends at the store, but maybe they will also find true love with a lucky someone.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Frosty Fern (Selaginella Krausianna Veriegatus) I have a crush on you

Even though you have one of the most stupid common names ever, I still just really really like you. I think we could have a nice time together. Sometimes I don't know if your a moss or a fern, but that doesnt matter. I don't care who your parents are, or where your from. I would water you, keep you in indirect bright light, and when you grow, i'll give you room to grow. I like you so much. This might come off kind of creepy, but the first time I saw you three years ago, I almost tried to take you home then. I can't believe I waited so long, but i'm working on stepping up my game, and baby... you and I belong together. Some people call you Selaginella Krausianna Veriegatus, but I mostly hear you called Frosty Fern, and like I said, as hot as you are, I find your name to be dumb. But I do love you. I would never let you dry out, I would keep you moist. And if you want some part shade, I'd even do that. I saw you getting on the El last week, and ran to try to get onto that car but just missed it, I saw you through the misty window, you looked so good. So now I see your hanging out at Sprout Home, and if you don't mind, i'm going to come and see you. If someone else beats me to it, well... good for them, as long as they treat you right. If I ever hear of somebody keeping you on top of a radiator, or in a south facing window in direct sun, I swear I'll hunt them down, and give them a good talking to. You know you belong to me, but you may choose another, and I would respect that. I miss you already.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Woolly Pockets, and Wally Planters

These are wool and recycled plastic planters. They are super unique, and well... just look at them. The Wally's are the easiest way to get your living wall system going. You can group them, or just have one up. The Woolly Pockets look great as stand alone planters for sure. Changing the way we look at planters, change is always good. Get em here....

Cotton Candy Ferns

We just got these back in, after a long long wait. 6" and 4"ers.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

50% off outdoor tools

50% off all Fiskar Outdoor Tools. That's Rakes, Hoes, Tree Pruners, Shovels, Pitchforks... you get it right? While supplies last. There isn't anything wrong with these items, and Fiskars is a rockin brand, we just feel like you might need to get some use out of these at a good price. Fall is a nice time to tidy up things.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I"m your venus....

Yeah baby you got it, i'm your venus, i'm your fire, your desire....

You know you want some of this.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fall Goodness A Plenty

Wheat Shock Bundles, Corn Stalk Bundles, Hay Bales, And so many varieties of Pumkins.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

New Goodies at Sprout

Chairs Made from Oil Drums, Planters Made from THE FUTURE!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Amazing Event !


October 2nd – 4th

A collection of vintage vessels potted & transformed with plants
on display and for sale at Post 27 and Sprout Home

1819 W Grand St 312.829.6122 745 N Damen Ave 312.226.5950

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

3 lamps left, now that Hennig Dyes has retired.

Hennig Dyes is a Costa Rican of Danish decent. Designing and building wooden lamps started as a hobby and has been a business for the last 16 years. His concepts are based on designs he saw in Norway. The lamps are made from plantation pine, which is wood that is grown exclusively for the purpose of harvest at 8000 feet in the Costa Rican Highlands. It is very translucent when cut very thin, and each of his lamps produce a friendly warm glow. At the age of 86 he has decided to retire, and well..... he deserves to, what a wonderful amazing lamp, this has been a staple here at Sprout Home for a long while now. There are three lamps remaining in our Chicago Store..... All good things actually do come to an end. If you want on check it out here.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sex in The Garden Lecture tonight at Sprout Home Chicago

Ted from Ted's Greenhouse will be at Sprout Home here in Chicago to give a lecture about the propagation of plants. This guy is full of knowledge, and it was his idea to name the topic Sex in the Garden. Its about plants getting it on, and how you can really make the most of whats around you already to produce more plants.

Very informal, with lemonade and wine for your thirsty brains that will be tired from all the new knowledge they will receive from Ted.


Check it out...
50% off all Herbs,
75% off all summer annuals,
25% off all perennials,
50% off all Clematis Vines
25%-50% off Trees and Shrubs, with lots of big trees at that 50% off mark.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Box of Bunny? Oh, new White Rabbit Lamps

Just in from the Germany! 10" tall White Rabbit Lamp.... Very cool eh? Even if they did arrive looking like some kind of bunny mass murder scene.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Help Me Obi Dish, your my only hope....

Air Plants, Plant on Rock, Sand and Object, Polished Rock,
Moss, Barbie Doll Heads. Almost anything will work in these.... Ok, maybe not your miniature unicorn collection... Then again, that sound kinda cool.

Don't sleep on this cute little display dish, it has a larg skillset. You like? Get it here SPROUT HOME

Monday, June 29, 2009

Organic Fertilizers Rock

We got it bad for the Happy Frog.... All kinds of goodness for all kinds of plants.

Monday, June 8, 2009

It is NOT being lazy, It's SMART!

Self Watering Planters From Lechuza are indeed the bees knees!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Leo and a Leo

Matching shorts... Yeah we planned it!