Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mr or Mrs. Gynura Sarmentosa....? I"m just calling you Purple Passion Plant.

If you would have asked me about the color purple, and the word passion, I would have had no reason to even think they should be in the same sentence. But after seeing you in that mid day hot yoga class last week I now know why purple passion makes sense. When I was a younger fella, I kinda had a 5 month stint of being into the Grateful Dead, and well... back during thoses days I would have told you that my favorite color was purple. I'm embarrassed to really admit that now, but see, I just want you to know that I'm so into your vibe. I could learn to love purple again, I know I love the way you wear it, so fuzzy, so velvet. So yeah, seeing you in that yoga class got me thinking that we might have something special. We did talk after class about being single, about how hard it is to find the right conditions to nurture growth. It must have been kind of weird for you to hear me talk about my apartment with such detail, the bright sunny light my spot gets, how I keep soil slightly moist, and how I keep my place warm, 70-75 degrees at least. I noticed you blushing, and now I know why.... that is the perfect environment for you to grow in. I don't mind that some people have called you a "creeping vine", I don't even know what that means, I just know I like you, I have a crush on you and you need to know it. No matter what the Brooklyn Sprout Home thinks about us together, I hope to make you mine (not in that creepola possesive way, naw... just be mine. Ah, that reminds me, so many people have been coming in asking about you, asking if we have you for valentines day. We do, We have you plenty. I do find your latin name a bit annoying, only because it is hard for me to say, I mean, who goes by Gynura Sarmentosa? That said, I would call you that if you wanted me to, but for now I have to just call you Purple Passion Plant. You are so damn pretty, though your flowers are kinda wack. The last time I saw a plant with purple hairs, it was in my older brothers issues of high times. Please don't think of me as being to forward, I just think your cool. I know your easy to deal with, and well.... let it grow right?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Come get your tropic on.

I"m gonna Kill That Mushroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That damn cute mushroom--

Recycled Cigar Box Bird Houses are in full effect, and back in stock...

We really love these, made by Neatherland Art locally here in Chicago. We could ship one out to you if your interested, otherwise come on in and grab one, call first if your making a special trip, as these are in limited supply. Each Bird House is one of a kind, and have been treated to withstand the elements. The wood has been treated with a Poly Soy protective finish, which is a high performance topical coating system that seals and protects against stains, mildew and UV rays. You know you got some stylish birds that have been circling your home waiting for you to step up....

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Curly Birds Nest Fern.... ON ROCK!

We have carried the plant on rock for a bit, and we love them. While talking to our friends in Hawaii, (where we get these from) they let us know that they were starting a new "line" of plant on rock. And well... here it is. The Curly Birds Nest Fern. This is great news for people who have always wanted to get a plant on rock, but didn't have the light required to keep the Anthurium and Scheffaleras alive. This plant like bright filtered light, and can even tolerate a little less than that. And in case your thinking about the Brady Bunch episode that featured some bad ju ju from taking an lava rock idol from the islands of Hawaii, well... it is true that your not suppose to take lava from the island, unless it has the blessings of a Kahuna. Check this out, The quarry that the rock is taken from is blessed by a Kahuna. The company that exports these is a strait up Hawaiian company. They told us that, so we would pass it on. So there ya go. No bad luck with these. We have a few dishes that these can set in, but any shallow bowl or dish will do. You need to keep these resting in water. It is pretty easy to see when they need water, when the water level is down... you simply fill it up. You can add a little liquid plant food a few times during the summer months to keep the plant happy and healthy. This plant on rock deal has been a number one house warming gift for years here at Sprout Home, maybe you should have a nice gift for yourself.

Bonsai..... Tray Growing.....

Bonsai is actually two words, "Bon", and "Sai". The word "Bon" means "tray" and "Sai", "growing" or "planting". Therefore, the two words put together give you the translation of "tray growing" or "tray planting"..... Yeah, so get your self some Tray Growing, I mean Bonsai, here at Sprout Home.

Pictured is a Juniper. We have them is ficus and bouganvilla trees as well. Rest the mind with caring for your new buddy, pruning, the right light, and watering, thats about all you need to rock a Bonsai Tree.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Wally 3 in full effect!

We finally hung of a large Wally 3 wall planter. Wool and recycled Plastic, can't beat that with a bat. Step one of a modular living wall. Inspiration, or come and get this exact planter..... We love it.

In Loving Memory of the Sprout Home Truck.

We miss you already buddy. The way you rocked this town will never be forgotten..... Trees, Shrubs, Dirt and Rock..... So Much Dirt and Rock. The funkiest Box Truck ever. We not only hope you make it to Atlanta, but we hope your show the Dirty South how we get down in Chi-Town.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

fuzzy, shady, small folk.

This community of small tiny people have been seen around here for years, we have just recently caught them walking around inside of our terrariums and on the sandy succulent plant ups... crazy days indeed.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

So what... its just snow.

Need some fresh air in your closed up home, window treatments and such keep the freshness out. Get a plant! Yeah, we sell plants and such, and yeah, you might think of this as some shameless plug, but the deal is this.... YOU NEED AIR CLEANERS! Kick out the badness with at Split Leaf Philodendron, or Perhaps a Draceana Marginata! We keeps it real! Real Fresh. The new green will do your mood good.