Saturday, March 26, 2011

Slinkachu.... we love you.

all photos by Slinkachu.
This book is comprised of a collection of photographs by Slinkachu, a London*based street artist who for several years has been placing tiny hand painted scenes on street corners, park benches, and the underground, leaving them to their own devices, to be discovered by what we are sure is a pretty stunned public. 188 pages of wonder, hard cover, and well... get em while you can.

Bacsac Planters, plant this!

Bacsac planters are made of 100 Geofabric, and it is 100% recyclable. That said, you are not going to be done with these sexy functional planters any time soon. We just got these in, and we are excited to offer nice looking planters that you can move around (each planter has handles), bring them in for that crazy party that needs a bit of nature splashed around the room. heavy crop ready, or just a sea of black mondo grass, whatever way you go with your plantings, the Bacsacs are the jammy jam. They breath, and drain nicely. They are outdoor planters, so go fourth and grow, anywhere.

Fermob... Designed and Made in France. Merci!

You can't front on French design.

These chairs and tables are going to blast color, function, and nice design onto any space you put them onto. So have a seat... You can visit our website for more information..