Saturday, November 14, 2009

I love to watch you grow, let's let our love grow?

Narcissus alone, and Narcissus out on the town at a big Paperwhite Rave, circa 1992

Your so cute! I mean it, I know your potential and I'm willing to put in the work for you. I'd do anything to see you, and even more to smell you.... Yeah, I know... your worried about that smelling remark, but it't true, I love the way you smell. I have to be honest, your name does leave a bit to be desired. Narcissus? Gross.... How can I love you with that name? Oh, I know... i'll just call you PaperWhite. The people who introduced us at that party told me something about you being "timed out" to flower in these next few months. Ted told me that if I ended up hitting it off with you, that I had the choice to either plant you and put you in bright light, or that I could keep you in the dark for a bit longer to hold off your flowering.... I punched Ted right in the face, like I would keep you from doing your thing, it's 2009 for geez sakes, I"m no cave man. I love the way you go from a little bulb to a pretty fragrant flower bunch, and you get so tall, I mean 16" wowie wow wow. I just don' t know where to keep you, in a dish without drainage, with pebbles? Or in a planter with dirt? Who knows, we can cross that bridge when the time comes. I just can't believe that I can take you home for $1.10. Your a 16 bulb, almost a 17 bulb. People might get the wrong idea about that, but we know the 16 and 17 are a bulb sizing thing. Let them think what they want, nothing can stop our love. Even if my friends say you smell like a grandmothers house. Grandmothers rule.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Pencil Tree Plant, we have to be together.

I don't care that they say your leafless, I don' t care that they say you need to be in bright light, I can water you less during the winter months... they said that also. I can deal with all of these things baby, it's easy. I just have to think of us together, happy and growing together, and it becomes second nature. It's not like your demanding and difficult, your so not. Your very easy to deal with. Some people think your too skinny, and get freaked out by the slightly caustic sap that drips out when you have been cut. I tell them to stop hating on the thin ones, and to just be careful and not cut you (I mean, why should they be cutting you anyway?)
I have seen you when you were just a small stick figure of a plant, and I fell for you then. I have even seen you when you were like 3' tall, and had a fuller figure, I loved that too baby, all of your looks look good to me. I love the fact that your from Africa and India, though i'm still trying to figure out how you could be from both. One of my friends told me that your not suppose to be good for children and pets, look! Children and pets don't matter to me baby, and if we have them around, I'll keep you out of reach from them. They would only break your amazing green skin, and get causic milk sap in their eyes.... I would laugh for a minute, then tend to them, but I would be thinking of our growing love the whole time. And look, I know your Latin name can sound a bit off putting, but come on, Euphorbia Tirucalli has a pretty ring to it. You should go by that, I always found pencil tree plant to be a bit strange.
I live in Zone 5 here in Chicago, and I know your use to living in Zones 8-11, but I would just keep you inside. If we ever move to a warmer climate I would for sure put you outside... If you wanted that. Point is, I saw you at the cafe today, and I have to let you know one way or another, so why not now? I hope you read this and let me know somehow.

Friday, November 6, 2009

what a lovely group. however, they need to leave us...

We have decided that there are a several slighly chipped, slightly "been here too long", and possibly scratched up planters that just need to get the leave Chicago Sprout Home. So why don't you come and take these shady cheracters home? Oh, not so into that idea? Does 50-75% off change things? These planters are indeed 50-75% off.