Friday, March 12, 2010

Organic Salvage Candles

We are pretty happy about this new candle line from Organic Salvage, made from organic plant matter. Long burning, two sizes, and very great scents.... Greens, Blossom, For The Dogs (which is perfect for masking the doggy dog odor) Grass, and Calypso. These are super dope candles. You can get them here

Honey Bear Salt and Pepper Shakers

Super Cute Salt and Pepper Shakers that have the classic honey bear look to them. Nice and useful, watch your sodium intake though.

Space Towels.... from Sweden.

So... we have been locked out of our Blog for a sec, password snafu. Very happy to be back. So much space has grown between us, speaking of space. Peep these Swedish dish towels.
You can get these here.