Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Seed for thought.

Or maybe seeds for flowers, or seeds for herbs, or seeds for food. Yeah food is good. It is about that time to get your seedlings started. Too many to name... ok, we just don't want to list them all. But really good stuff. Heirloom and Organic for days. We rock Seeds of Change and Baker Creek Heirloom. Don't forget about the 60 hole Bio Dome, a really great way to get lots of seedlings going. We also carry the peet pots, start your seeds in em' and just plant the whole pot into the earth or container, and it breaks down into the soil without disrupting the little shoots. Happy planting. Everyone can be Farmer John, or Farmer Jane.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Recycled Utility Box Terrariums

Energy mind trip! Is it using engery or creating it? Am I watching time go by if I'm watching the plants grow? WWHHHAATT?! One thing is for sure, this terrarium is pretty freaking sweet!

Brought to you by Design Project of Chicago Illinois the DP:1 is preserving our enviroment one recycled meter box at a time. Not only are they doing there part to reduce waste but they are also providing you with a cozy space to add some green to your home or garden.

We're loving this magical horse desert here at Sprout Chicago and we know you'll love one too.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Erin incased in Carbonite?

No silly... This is our new floral fridge. Were pretty excited to offer cut flowers here in our Chicago store. Individual stems, as well as daily made bouquets. We will be up and running on the floral tip tomorrow. Call in your orders if you like, or just stop in. This cooler will be chalked full of flowers in no time.

Monday, February 8, 2010

oh snap!

This is the feeling we got today with the news that Sprout Home Chicago is about to have a very nice video camera. Look out web.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

new jack valentines day card....

Were thinking that these cute little Love pot ups should say what you mean.... Simple. These little guys are $25. If you show up for one, and it's sold, we can make you one up on the spot. Or if your really loving one of these, give us a call, and we will hold it for you. These are potted up in XS quadro planters, drainage, succulent soil, and topped with love sand. Wait, what is love sand?

Mikado Forest......Syngonanthus chrysanthus

Syngonanthus chrysanthus, also known as the Mikado Plant. Very Cool, Very hard to find. We have a nice stash of them for sures. This plant will thrive in bright but indirect light, it also loves humid surroundings. It is all about the Flowers with this plant - one creamy-gold, pin-head like flower borne at the tip of each stem. The flowers have a papery look to them. No scent is apparent. Because of its origin as a swamp plant, humidity should be kept high, at around 70% if possible. Keeping the plant in a tall, straight sided glass vase, or a deep bowl, and spraying it regularly with filtered water will help to keep the humidity level up. Water regularly, from the bottom of the pot rather than from above, and don’t allow the compost to dry out. The best place for it would probably be a bright, warm bathroom, unless you can provide its exact requirements elsewhere.

Flowers are cool, but don't sleep on how cool foliage is.

Asparagus Ferns, Watermelon Pepperomia, and Polka Dot Plants. Cools!

This is just the start..... Give Plant Gifts!

We are all about showing love, and Valentine's Day is a good time for that, even the single folks deserve a nice little gift right? Brooklyn is rocking the cut flowers, we will soon follow suit, but for now peep this. We are all about that gift that keeps on giving kind of vibe around here. So we pot up lots and lots and lots of Valentines Day gifts. We find that Succulents are sexy as hell. Other things will be potted up for sure, but were pretty proud of our succlulent pot ups. Paired up with cute planters, and usually topped of with pink or black shiny sand. We have started this process, and will have a few tables loaded up with ready to give plant gifts. We will add posts of single cuteness, but as of today, were we go. 20 or so more will be potted up by close tonight. You don't have to wait until the day before Valentines Day to reserve your gift, just stop in, we will hold it for you until your ready to give it to your love, your crush, your moms... or you can give that same ole dozen roses, your call.