Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mikado Forest......Syngonanthus chrysanthus

Syngonanthus chrysanthus, also known as the Mikado Plant. Very Cool, Very hard to find. We have a nice stash of them for sures. This plant will thrive in bright but indirect light, it also loves humid surroundings. It is all about the Flowers with this plant - one creamy-gold, pin-head like flower borne at the tip of each stem. The flowers have a papery look to them. No scent is apparent. Because of its origin as a swamp plant, humidity should be kept high, at around 70% if possible. Keeping the plant in a tall, straight sided glass vase, or a deep bowl, and spraying it regularly with filtered water will help to keep the humidity level up. Water regularly, from the bottom of the pot rather than from above, and don’t allow the compost to dry out. The best place for it would probably be a bright, warm bathroom, unless you can provide its exact requirements elsewhere.

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