Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Signs of Fall...

Kale, Cabbage, Osteos, Varigated Corn, Millet..... Grasses going into wonder. Not only are most of the plants in the yard going into fall goodness, but we're also getting our fall annuals in. This is exciting. And if you really want to think fall, just know this.. Pumkins will arrive the last week of September.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Get Lost! in space.

how about a little trippy $25 gift for that special person in your life, you know the one. These are planted up in little Silver Lo Pro Planters, three little space boogie cacti/succulents in each one. Stunner Steeze indeed. These may be gone when you arrive to grab them, no worries... We can plant one up for you.

Or maybe you just want to stare into space, go ahead...

a tiger, a horse, and a rabbit walk into a bar....

So, there is something for everyone right? What is your animal choice? Really, what are you into having piled around your spot? There are the elephant people, the rooster folk, pig people, monkey people, rabbits.. yeah, horses... yeah, how many of you dig the funky white space tiger? And another thing, why is it when people are into otters, they have a bunch of freaky sea otter trinkets? The river otter is a way more majestic critter don't you think? Maybe it was that trip to Monterey in the 90's... Bears! Now that would be a pretty under represented animal in the collector world, how about pidgeons? You know, they all rock!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

More Photos August 18th Terrarium class

Terrarium Class August 18th

Thanks to everyone who participated in our August 18th Terrarium Class. Here are some photos from the event.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Cryptanthus bivittatus, Black Mistic eh?

I love the way you have a common name that would fit right into the world of the world of ultimate fighting or wrestling of some kind. And in this corner, wearing no trunks, we have BLACK MISTIC!!!!! I know I know you are also called Earth Star and Starfish Plant, but I thinkg Black Mistic is the jam. I think your a damn cute, would you like to maybe go see a movie? I'm thinking Inception might be good, though it might be a bit "hollywood" for your tastes. I have seen you a couple times at the Siskel theater, so I know your a high art kind of plant. You and I would go so well together, you like a nice sunny location, I like a nice sunny location. You don't like to go all the way dry or remain too moist, and well... that is about how I like things concerning water as well. Your crazy adaptive to different temperatures, and well... Me too! I mean, 60-80degrees sound lovely. I am a little concerned about the jagged razor like edges to your leaves, this does ensure that I handle you with care. You even give off little "pups" when your doing your part to repopulate. I mean all we have to do is just trim off the pup once it's about a third of your size, and boom, new plant. So yeah, your cute and you know it, but do you know that your horizontal stripes are just damn sexy as well? They are! I will even mist you, you like that right? Just let me know. Hit me up on craigslists missed connections, or even better, give me a call here at the store, 312-226-5950. I just think your an amazing plant, and if your into it, an open relationship is cool. Your beauty should be shared.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Downward is Heaven....

Aqua Boogie!

Not much to say here, simply beautiful.

One of a kind bird houses and bird feeders, made from Cigar Boxes.

It has been a while since we have been able to get these back at Sprout Home. Come and get em' while the gettin's good. Each bird house and bird feeder is a one of a kind. The cigar boxes have been treated, so your all good to go in all weather. Depending on where you live, it's about time for some species to start looking for winter homes (they start house hunting early), or be ready for next springs new comers. Either way, we are really into these.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Upcomming classes at Sprout Home

Our next Terrarium Building Workshop will be on Wednesday October 20th, at 6pm. Contact the store to be put on the sign up sheet, and for any information. The classes have been filling up pretty fast. (Septembers class is full)

Our next Floral Design Class will be based on the theme Uncommon Structures, and will take place Tuesday September 14th at 6pm.

The next Floral Class after that will be October 12th, a tuesday again. The theme will be Long Lasting Pieces.

We have sign up sheets at the store for all of the above classes, you can call 312-226-5950 or email us at info@sprouthome.com to sign up that way.

Get it while you can

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Floral Class- Basic Arrangement

Last night TJ Harrison hosted a basic arrangement floral class. It was attended by floral enthusiasts of all skill levels and was overall a lot of fun. TJ explained beginning arrangement with a Sprout Home twist giving students a foundation to build off of. Everyone made beautiful arrangements and we can't wait to see what happens at the next class on Uncommon Structures, September 14th at 6pm.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pass it along...

We are also starting our floral design classes this month. The first one will be Tuesday August 10 at 6pm. Contact the store for info and sign up. We will rock one floral design class per month. The first one is Basic Arrangement, Septembers will be Unusual Structures.

you look like you might cut me.... I find that attractive

Sansevieria Cylindrica, your so damn hot. I first saw you at a party down in Pilsen, you clearly stood out. There were so many out of place hipsters down there, the resentment of the people who have lived down there for years was evident, but you even charmed them. I still don't know how you got all those free tamales from that little store for free. I'm thinking your that charming. I know I would have given you anything you asked for, even though you don't need much. My friend Leo told me that you get by with the smallest amount of care, very little water, and very little light. Though at the party you told me you can grow faster in brighter light. Who doesn't want to grow faster? I love the fact that you can get up to 7' tall, I like a tall plant. But I realize that your height, much like our potential love, is a slow growth kind of thing. I would do anything to get into your life. I know you hang out at Sprout Home, I have seen you there a couple times since meeting you at the party, you don't seem to remember me though, at least you don't speak when I say hello. Who knows maybe you can't talk, being a plant and all. I hear that you have the potential to be shaped, even braided, that is crazy to me, I like the way you simply reach for the sky, it's so motivational to me. Leo also told me you have a drinking problem, and that is why you only drink like twice a month or so. Maybe you should just drink nice clean water, rye and plants seems a bit much. I hope you get this letter, i'm just going to send it to Sprout, since I see you through the window there so much, don't panic, I have to pass Sprout Home to get to the 66 bus, to get to my job.... i'm not a stalker. At least I hope you don't think so after reading this letter. I really think you would like it at my house, I have an end table that is just dying to meet you. And don't worry, I think your nick name African Spear is pretty cool. I mean you are from there. I think it's cool how you got your name, a competition in a Dutch newspaper in 1837. Weirdly cool.

self watering planters.... potted up for you to take home

We thought we would get the process going, you know... for those with plant watering issues. We know your out there, and we love you just the same. We want you to benefit from the goodness of plants, the air, the visual exploration, the removing of toxins from your air, and the wonder of watching something grow. The Maxi-Cube Planters by Lechuza are one of the more effective self watering systems out there. Wick Wick Wick, this is the trick. Come pick one out, already potted up for you.

Monday, August 2, 2010

September Terrarium Class Wednesday Sept 22 6pm

Our next class will be Wednesday September, at 6pm. We'll demonstrate the steps for building an open terrarium, including planting mediums, plants that work together, and maintenance. Participants can bring their own container and purchase the materials (rocks, charcoal, soil, and plants) for a fee or they may purchase a container at the store. If you bring your own container, make sure the opening is wide enough to fit your hand into. Material charges are based on the size of container and plant pricing (estimated charges are $35 - $75). RSVP to info@sprouthome.com space is limited. We had a great time at the last one, check out blogspot to see some great pictures of attendees and their terrariums. The below August class filled up, jump on Septembers class.