Friday, October 30, 2009

Varigated Balfour Aralia, Polyscias balfouriana. I like you...

I think it is cute the way you tell people your name is Lia, but I know you. We met a few years back, you told me your name was Polycias Balfouriana. I could never forget a name like that, and well... your leaves were so striking. You have been on my mind every since that rainy day in Berlin. Those were fun times. I saw you at Sprout Home yesterday, and you acted like you didn't remember me, I was hurt for a minute, then I saw that you were sporting a $4.49 tag. and that you were living in a 3" container. I know... you felt cheap. Thats no reason to act that way though. I still think of you as high class, and I know that you can grow to be six feet tall. All you need is bright light, and to have your soil moderately moist. I can do that for you, more importantly, we can do it together. So there, I have let you know how I feel, and maybe later when I stop in, i'll take you home.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Force MC's? No Forced Indoor Bulbs....

Amaryllis, and Narcissus are in the Hizzle. Come bring the brightness of these flowers into your home.

Monday, October 26, 2009

I saw you through the window... Your very pretty.

I was walking down Damen, and I looked into the window at Sprout Home. I don't know why I looked, it was like there was an inner voice in my head telling me "look, it might be the one", so I looked over my shoulder in the most unsly way. And there you were, so beautiful, glistening in the grayness of Chicago's fall. Blue, Violet, Deep Purple, so ablaze with color. I fell for you fast. There is nothing that will keep us apart. Especially since the people at Sprout told me I could take you home for $3.99. I felt a little bad while I watched them slip you into a bag, I wondered if you were afraid. But now that I see you on my brightly lit end table, I know your happy. I have kept you moderately moist, just like they told me to. I hope we can make it forever African Violet, your the tops. Or should I call you Sainpaulia, your cute Latin name. Either way, I'll treat you right. Even if your living in a 4' planter, i'll move you into a bigger home when you tell me you need that. I know you miss your friends at the store, but maybe they will also find true love with a lucky someone.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Frosty Fern (Selaginella Krausianna Veriegatus) I have a crush on you

Even though you have one of the most stupid common names ever, I still just really really like you. I think we could have a nice time together. Sometimes I don't know if your a moss or a fern, but that doesnt matter. I don't care who your parents are, or where your from. I would water you, keep you in indirect bright light, and when you grow, i'll give you room to grow. I like you so much. This might come off kind of creepy, but the first time I saw you three years ago, I almost tried to take you home then. I can't believe I waited so long, but i'm working on stepping up my game, and baby... you and I belong together. Some people call you Selaginella Krausianna Veriegatus, but I mostly hear you called Frosty Fern, and like I said, as hot as you are, I find your name to be dumb. But I do love you. I would never let you dry out, I would keep you moist. And if you want some part shade, I'd even do that. I saw you getting on the El last week, and ran to try to get onto that car but just missed it, I saw you through the misty window, you looked so good. So now I see your hanging out at Sprout Home, and if you don't mind, i'm going to come and see you. If someone else beats me to it, well... good for them, as long as they treat you right. If I ever hear of somebody keeping you on top of a radiator, or in a south facing window in direct sun, I swear I'll hunt them down, and give them a good talking to. You know you belong to me, but you may choose another, and I would respect that. I miss you already.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Woolly Pockets, and Wally Planters

These are wool and recycled plastic planters. They are super unique, and well... just look at them. The Wally's are the easiest way to get your living wall system going. You can group them, or just have one up. The Woolly Pockets look great as stand alone planters for sure. Changing the way we look at planters, change is always good. Get em here....

Cotton Candy Ferns

We just got these back in, after a long long wait. 6" and 4"ers.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

50% off outdoor tools

50% off all Fiskar Outdoor Tools. That's Rakes, Hoes, Tree Pruners, Shovels, Pitchforks... you get it right? While supplies last. There isn't anything wrong with these items, and Fiskars is a rockin brand, we just feel like you might need to get some use out of these at a good price. Fall is a nice time to tidy up things.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I"m your venus....

Yeah baby you got it, i'm your venus, i'm your fire, your desire....

You know you want some of this.