Friday, October 30, 2009

Varigated Balfour Aralia, Polyscias balfouriana. I like you...

I think it is cute the way you tell people your name is Lia, but I know you. We met a few years back, you told me your name was Polycias Balfouriana. I could never forget a name like that, and well... your leaves were so striking. You have been on my mind every since that rainy day in Berlin. Those were fun times. I saw you at Sprout Home yesterday, and you acted like you didn't remember me, I was hurt for a minute, then I saw that you were sporting a $4.49 tag. and that you were living in a 3" container. I know... you felt cheap. Thats no reason to act that way though. I still think of you as high class, and I know that you can grow to be six feet tall. All you need is bright light, and to have your soil moderately moist. I can do that for you, more importantly, we can do it together. So there, I have let you know how I feel, and maybe later when I stop in, i'll take you home.

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