Monday, August 16, 2010

Cryptanthus bivittatus, Black Mistic eh?

I love the way you have a common name that would fit right into the world of the world of ultimate fighting or wrestling of some kind. And in this corner, wearing no trunks, we have BLACK MISTIC!!!!! I know I know you are also called Earth Star and Starfish Plant, but I thinkg Black Mistic is the jam. I think your a damn cute, would you like to maybe go see a movie? I'm thinking Inception might be good, though it might be a bit "hollywood" for your tastes. I have seen you a couple times at the Siskel theater, so I know your a high art kind of plant. You and I would go so well together, you like a nice sunny location, I like a nice sunny location. You don't like to go all the way dry or remain too moist, and well... that is about how I like things concerning water as well. Your crazy adaptive to different temperatures, and well... Me too! I mean, 60-80degrees sound lovely. I am a little concerned about the jagged razor like edges to your leaves, this does ensure that I handle you with care. You even give off little "pups" when your doing your part to repopulate. I mean all we have to do is just trim off the pup once it's about a third of your size, and boom, new plant. So yeah, your cute and you know it, but do you know that your horizontal stripes are just damn sexy as well? They are! I will even mist you, you like that right? Just let me know. Hit me up on craigslists missed connections, or even better, give me a call here at the store, 312-226-5950. I just think your an amazing plant, and if your into it, an open relationship is cool. Your beauty should be shared.

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