Thursday, February 4, 2010

This is just the start..... Give Plant Gifts!

We are all about showing love, and Valentine's Day is a good time for that, even the single folks deserve a nice little gift right? Brooklyn is rocking the cut flowers, we will soon follow suit, but for now peep this. We are all about that gift that keeps on giving kind of vibe around here. So we pot up lots and lots and lots of Valentines Day gifts. We find that Succulents are sexy as hell. Other things will be potted up for sure, but were pretty proud of our succlulent pot ups. Paired up with cute planters, and usually topped of with pink or black shiny sand. We have started this process, and will have a few tables loaded up with ready to give plant gifts. We will add posts of single cuteness, but as of today, were we go. 20 or so more will be potted up by close tonight. You don't have to wait until the day before Valentines Day to reserve your gift, just stop in, we will hold it for you until your ready to give it to your love, your crush, your moms... or you can give that same ole dozen roses, your call.

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