Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mr or Mrs. Gynura Sarmentosa....? I"m just calling you Purple Passion Plant.

If you would have asked me about the color purple, and the word passion, I would have had no reason to even think they should be in the same sentence. But after seeing you in that mid day hot yoga class last week I now know why purple passion makes sense. When I was a younger fella, I kinda had a 5 month stint of being into the Grateful Dead, and well... back during thoses days I would have told you that my favorite color was purple. I'm embarrassed to really admit that now, but see, I just want you to know that I'm so into your vibe. I could learn to love purple again, I know I love the way you wear it, so fuzzy, so velvet. So yeah, seeing you in that yoga class got me thinking that we might have something special. We did talk after class about being single, about how hard it is to find the right conditions to nurture growth. It must have been kind of weird for you to hear me talk about my apartment with such detail, the bright sunny light my spot gets, how I keep soil slightly moist, and how I keep my place warm, 70-75 degrees at least. I noticed you blushing, and now I know why.... that is the perfect environment for you to grow in. I don't mind that some people have called you a "creeping vine", I don't even know what that means, I just know I like you, I have a crush on you and you need to know it. No matter what the Brooklyn Sprout Home thinks about us together, I hope to make you mine (not in that creepola possesive way, naw... just be mine. Ah, that reminds me, so many people have been coming in asking about you, asking if we have you for valentines day. We do, We have you plenty. I do find your latin name a bit annoying, only because it is hard for me to say, I mean, who goes by Gynura Sarmentosa? That said, I would call you that if you wanted me to, but for now I have to just call you Purple Passion Plant. You are so damn pretty, though your flowers are kinda wack. The last time I saw a plant with purple hairs, it was in my older brothers issues of high times. Please don't think of me as being to forward, I just think your cool. I know your easy to deal with, and well.... let it grow right?

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