Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Curly Birds Nest Fern.... ON ROCK!

We have carried the plant on rock for a bit, and we love them. While talking to our friends in Hawaii, (where we get these from) they let us know that they were starting a new "line" of plant on rock. And well... here it is. The Curly Birds Nest Fern. This is great news for people who have always wanted to get a plant on rock, but didn't have the light required to keep the Anthurium and Scheffaleras alive. This plant like bright filtered light, and can even tolerate a little less than that. And in case your thinking about the Brady Bunch episode that featured some bad ju ju from taking an lava rock idol from the islands of Hawaii, well... it is true that your not suppose to take lava from the island, unless it has the blessings of a Kahuna. Check this out, The quarry that the rock is taken from is blessed by a Kahuna. The company that exports these is a strait up Hawaiian company. They told us that, so we would pass it on. So there ya go. No bad luck with these. We have a few dishes that these can set in, but any shallow bowl or dish will do. You need to keep these resting in water. It is pretty easy to see when they need water, when the water level is down... you simply fill it up. You can add a little liquid plant food a few times during the summer months to keep the plant happy and healthy. This plant on rock deal has been a number one house warming gift for years here at Sprout Home, maybe you should have a nice gift for yourself.

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