Tuesday, September 8, 2009

3 lamps left, now that Hennig Dyes has retired.

Hennig Dyes is a Costa Rican of Danish decent. Designing and building wooden lamps started as a hobby and has been a business for the last 16 years. His concepts are based on designs he saw in Norway. The lamps are made from plantation pine, which is wood that is grown exclusively for the purpose of harvest at 8000 feet in the Costa Rican Highlands. It is very translucent when cut very thin, and each of his lamps produce a friendly warm glow. At the age of 86 he has decided to retire, and well..... he deserves to, what a wonderful amazing lamp, this has been a staple here at Sprout Home for a long while now. There are three lamps remaining in our Chicago Store..... All good things actually do come to an end. If you want on check it out here.

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