Thursday, December 17, 2009

Norfolk Pine.... Your so so fine.

You know what is funny about you Norfolk Pine, aside from your Latin Name, Araucaria Hetrophylla...? What is funny, is that people seem to only pay attention to you when its near Christmas. They often refer to you as ...."you know, that Charlie Brown Christmas Tree" I Hate That! I see you as more than that, I see you as more than just a seasonal thing, your the world to me. I love you, and I would love you all year long. Yeah, maybe after some years go by, I might ask you if you would like to be lit up with Xmas Tree lights, and if you said no, that would be cool. I would still adore you. The lanky way you are is just adorable to me, and your so tough. Your so Evergreen tough, but your kinda tender as well. I would keep you in a high humidity kind of mind for sure, I would have no problem misting you occasionally. Every four or five days, I would give you a nice cool drink of water. Your just so pretty, I would... if its cool with you, keep you in a nice well lit area, maybe a nice Eastern or Western window, and if you wanted to stay in a Southern window, I would just make sure you don't dry out too fast, I love you, and will for sure enjoy watching you grow over the years.... We can grow together. You have such a wonderful stance, I could look at you all day. Ok, I have to tell you the truth Norfolk Pine, I do look at you all day, I stare at you when your not looking. I just can't get enough. I know you told me that you were not so interested in me..... but I think after this 16th letter to you, that you might change your mind. We can do this, we can make it work. The restraining order doesn't kick into effect until next week. Want to get a coffee, or maybe see a movie?

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