Saturday, November 27, 2010

What do you think I do?

You think I just Monkey around don't you? Your not so thoughtful then are you? I have purpose. I keep wine fresher than the Fresh Prince. I know I know, you say you never leave a bottle of wine unfinished... well some people do, and I"m on this planet to be of some help to them. Look at me, I"m a handsome resin headed Monkey, and I have a stout little cork body, my body is the perfect shape, wait, I know what you're thinking, and well, I'm not that type of Monkey, I bring up my perfect body because it's absolutely perfect for corking up wine bottles, not because it's some kind of sexy monkey body. Sexy Monkey Body? You are out of line. I have friends that understand me, Horse, Tiger, and Silly Snake. We are a posse of wine stoppers and we live at Sprout Home.

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