Tuesday, November 23, 2010

So.... it's about that time of year.

Over the last few days we have received lots of Seasonal Goodies. Balsam and Fraser Xmas trees, 4'-14'. Wreaths from basic to super pimped out, Door Swag..... I mean, come on, we have a type called Big Daddy Door Swag, as well as Pine, Cedar, and Fraser. Garland of Fraser, Balsam, and Pine. We also have some really cool cut branches, you can use them in so many ways, Eucalyptus Pods, Sumac, Dogwood, SnowBerry, Juniper (you can get started on that home style gin). Here are some shots of the above mentioned Seasonal Goodness we have for you. Not pictured, but equally important, Xmas Tree Stands, Removal Bags, and well.. US! Come ring the the season.

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