Thursday, July 29, 2010

Spider Plant. Baby I think your special.

Chlorophytum comosum Vittatum, yeah... I know your name. You wrote it down on a napkin at Perogi Fest last weekend, but that number you gave me seems busy all the time. My roomie thinks your just trying to blow me off. Could be. But here is deal, your so special to me, there are so many things I love about you. OK, love is a Strong word, so... like. Yeah, so many things I like about you. Your looks are amazing, you seem to flow out of the top of the planter with such grace and style. And the way you make little babies all the time. Some guys might find that to be a bit much, but I like it. New life if great, and besides, I can give your little ones away to my friends. If that is cool with you. A friend told me, that all I have to do is wait for your little ones to get a few inches long, and to snip them off, set them in water (root knob down) and within a week or so, there will be roots. Then I can just plant your little babies in potting mix, and bam, new plant. But like I said, only if it's cool with you. You look real nice with them flowing off of your main body as well. Your coloration is pretty. Nice and light looking. you even come with stripes, it's like your a race car or something. Your so rugged to, you take abuse well. Nothing mean, just an occasional lack of water. I will do my best to keep you watered about every 5-7 days, I know that depends on where we decide your going to live. Another thing that is amazing about you is your rate production of oxygen, your always in the top 5 for air producing, and air cleaning. And believe me, my air can be pretty toxic from time to time. I'm thinking your going to hang, is that cool? If you want, I could just pot you low, and you can rock it floor plant style. Either way works for me. I just like how low maintenance you are, this is my main reason to love you. So many people diss you, call you a weed, or typical. To that I say, they are so wrong, they just can't see what I see in you. Your the tops. Full sun, to bright indirect light is all you need, some water from time to time, and well... this can be our dream together. Not like that stupid movie inception. Yeah, I don't even mind that your part of the Lilly Family, that doesn't bother me a bit. Being from South and West Africa is cool, adds character for sure. I know about you being sensitive to fluoride, we can work past that. There is one thing that kind of sucks about you. You became the craze during the Victorian period, LAME!

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