Thursday, July 22, 2010

CRIBS, the bird edition.

I first met Jacob the Violet Green Swallow on Mud Bay Road in Olympia Washington in the Spring of 1994, Jacob was just starting out with his band, Skinny Jean Killer, (little did we both know back then, that making fun of hipsters was going to be the thing to do in 2010) Jacob was always ahead of the game, sick tabla player as well. We met at Star Lounge cafe yesterday for a follow up interview, though we kind of got stuck on the topic of his two new homes. Here is part of the interview.

Sprout Home Chicago: So Jacob, 6 world tours, 2 stints in rehab, and 4 drummers later, Skinny Jean Killer is still rocking. What brings you to Chicago?

Jacob: Pitchdork

SHC: wow! you guys are doing really, that festival is one of the most progressive indie minded events of the summer here.

Jacob: yeah, it was ok... lots of skinny jeans, so that was kind of awkward for us, being called Skinny Jean Killer and all. We got some flack yelled at us as we were taking the stage.

SHC: Flack, like what?

Jacob: Oh, well this one chick wearing purple high wasted 90's cut shorts and big dumb goonies perscription glasses, yelled out "whats with the name? are you dissing us?"

SHC: Were you?

Jacob: Well, yes. Of course, but we still need these people to support us, you know how the music biz is, luckily we rocked their worlds and I don't think people really thought about us being called Skinny Jean Killer after our first song "I don't care, because it's cool not to care" kicked in.

SHC: Wait, what! Is that song title also a diss to hipsters? That seems kind of messed up, I mean, your already barely getting away with this with your name, and then this song... man that must really make people upset.

Jacob: No no one really ever seems upset, we play dance rock, and that is what is hot right now, you don't really even have to be good these days, I mean half of our songs are 80's covers, we just change the lyrics and flip the beat a little bit. We have songs that if you listen closely, sound like Duran Duran, Gang Of Four, The Cure, Kajagoogoo. It's really funny.

SHC: That is funny, uhm... where do you live these days?

Jacob: I have two homes, they rock. I got them at Sprout Home. I have one that keep in Mansfield Illinois, and the other I have hanging up in Edenbourough PA. I have the log there.

SHC: What is so great about your homes?

Jacob: What is with all questions dude? One is classic A Frame, and the other is shaped like a log, they both have great openings, just big enough for my kind, but not for the annoying Blue Jays, they have fat butts and won't fit. Which works for me and my family, they totally suck! But the Beatles song Blue Jay Way is really great. My houses also have air vents, and a great little secret opening at the bottom for when we need to clean up. I like the words that are printed on the houses also, though I can't read, being a bird and all...

SHC: You know Jacob, your kinda weird. This interview is over, but thanks for the photos of your homes, we will for sure use them in the article.
Jacob: Well your a jerk and i'm outta here.
Jacob left and went to feed, where he ordered chicken. We here at Sprout Home find Jacobs the Violet Green Swallows choice of dish to be very disturbing.


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