Thursday, October 21, 2010

Such a good group of terrarium class peeps!

We had a nice terrarium workshop last night, pretty fun! It is so great to see everyones different styles, woodsy, clean, packed, simple. And the choices of terrarium critters is always a funny one. A couple mail carrier figurines, a couple dogs, a rabbit. Love it! Everyone left with a new addition for their homes, and we like that.

working it out!

Teachers rule!

two amazing styles
super cool science type beaker, and you might not be able to see the Gator in the white planter, but it is way neato in the forest of succulents.
Variation, and scale.... Perfect

This in not just a jar, this is a new world. Nice work!

This rabbit has no idea its being stalked by a cute little pup..... run rabbit run.
Yes you did!
If you are interested in signing up for these classes, just contact us here at the store. We list our events on our website, Brooklyn store will give you Brooklyn class info, Chicago store will give you Chicago class info. Hope to see you at the next one.

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